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Electro-House Podcast presented by Mxed is a weekly released podcast. Every week I compile and mix a selection of the current best tunes.

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About Dj Mxed

. I was born the 4th of November 1983 in Brittany (France). My first contact with music was when I started to play electric guitar with friends. Ever since I have always liked to discover different artists and style of musics.
So, my interest for electronic music started when I was young. When I was 14 years old, I always enjoyed being the disc jockey during private parties with friends.
Afterwards I went to Bordeaux for my studyies and It is then when I met Inod M. that I really started to mix and share my feelings with Electronic music. Indeed he taught me the basic on vinyls and we started to play together within student parties in our Engineering school (ENSEIRB). I have played with him at a big student event: the "TIE 2006" which gathered about 3500 people. And we have played at other student parties that were organized by other student associations.
After Inod M. left to USA for a while, I was the main Deejay playing at school parties. I learned a lot, namely that different public might like other music styles that I do.
At the same time I started to record every weeks, when I had time, mixes on my podcast.
Now, I’m living and working in Nice (France). So I basically stopped playing in student parties in Bordeaux, but I still continue to mix, for friends, auditors and me, available regularly at my podcast “MakinMix Podcast”. I also playing in private parties, bars and clubs when an opportunity arises



You like the music I am playing in my podcast, you would like to know more about the songs that I am playing or even you would like to hear a song in the next podcast, please feel free to send me an email to: mxed@dj-mxed.com


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Here is my Mxed soundcloud page, I post on this page the 3 latest podcast episodes


Here is my Mixcloud page: www.mixcloud.com/mxed. I post on this page all my podcast episodes, you can have access to all my playlists.